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Unique Off Horse Hoof Sharp Walking StickMade By Boer War Prisoner Held at Boeren Camp Ceylon

£1,100.00 (Sold out)

This is a one off chance to obtain a finely carved unique walking stick dating from 1901. The walking stick was made by a prisoner at the prison camp set up by the British at the hill station in Diyatalawa  Ceylon to house prisoners during the Boer War (1899-1902). The walking stick is finely carved in a local hard wood and inscribed 'Boeren Kamp Ceylon 1901). The handle is carved superbly from horn in the shape of a horse hoof with a metal shoe attached. The quality of the workmanship is outstanding. Prisoners produced these items to sell using the money to buy extra food and other necessities.
This type of item is known as POW Trench Art and is collected all over the world. Boer War items made by South African/Dutch prisoners is highly collectable.
The walking stick is 88 cm in length.

Camps for Boers - Ceylon (Sri Lanka)

When St Helena filled up, Ceylon was chosen as a destination.  A large camp was set up at the hill station at

Diyatalawa.  The hill station proved to be good for the health of the incarcerated.

In India the Boers were given more food that was contained in a soldier's rations.  They enjoyed more meat,

potatoes, green vegetables and rice.  Jam, condensed milk and soap were also issued.

The conditions did not stop escape attempts.  Five prisoners were boarded a Russian steamer in Colombo

harbour. They made their way to the Crimea and from there to St Petersburg where the locals, sympathetic to the

Boer cause, celebrated their escape.  The men visited Kruger in Holland and made their way back to South Africa